Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Realboy- Suck My Swing

Well, shit. Sorry it took us so long to upload this to the blog, we've been busy as hell with, well, a LOT of things. Let's just say this years going to be a very fun one for us.

Suck My Swing first started off as a track we were writing for a female vocalist, but she was a bit hard to reach and in the end we decided, you know what, fuck this. Let's make it an official Realboy DANCE track. Turns out our time was pretty well spent, we've been getting nothing but good vibes from this song, and it's a blast to play live.
So here it is, in 320 kbps, and for free. Listen to it, download it, send it to your friends, play it at your shows, as us if you can remix it, etc. The most important thing is that you keep moving! We feel like dance music is slowly turning into a spectator sport. If you're listening to dance music in a chair, in your car, at a venue, on the bus, you should be moving!
Enjoy the tunes, more to come soon

 Realboy- Suck My Swing by Realboy