Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Realboy- Suck My Swing

Well, shit. Sorry it took us so long to upload this to the blog, we've been busy as hell with, well, a LOT of things. Let's just say this years going to be a very fun one for us.

Suck My Swing first started off as a track we were writing for a female vocalist, but she was a bit hard to reach and in the end we decided, you know what, fuck this. Let's make it an official Realboy DANCE track. Turns out our time was pretty well spent, we've been getting nothing but good vibes from this song, and it's a blast to play live.
So here it is, in 320 kbps, and for free. Listen to it, download it, send it to your friends, play it at your shows, as us if you can remix it, etc. The most important thing is that you keep moving! We feel like dance music is slowly turning into a spectator sport. If you're listening to dance music in a chair, in your car, at a venue, on the bus, you should be moving!
Enjoy the tunes, more to come soon

 Realboy- Suck My Swing by Realboy

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Realboy & Dynamics- 1922

We met this Producer/DJ duo in San Francisco named Dynamics, and we got together to get this track out to the public. It was extremely fun to work on, the guys definitely have talent. The track is based off the the swing genre, but it's still got that electronic feel.
Remember, the music we make is for DANCING. Get down!

 Realboy & Dynamics-1922 by Realboy


Friday, November 26, 2010

BetatraXx- Drug Abuse (Realboy Remix)

Our remix of Betatraxx- Drug Abuse. Check out the original at:
Originals by BetatraXx
Download it! Leave us comments! Play us at your next show! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We went to HARD Haunted Mansion this past weekend, and we decided to bring
500 Audio CDs along with us to hand out afterward. The show was amazing
overall, but SebastiAn really stood out with his incredible performance. Here's our
track list for the CD that some of you might have picked up after the show, with
included download/streaming links for each of them.
Track list:

1. Intro
2. Realboy- Welcome to Hell ft. Andrew Peterson
 Realboy ft. Andrew Peterson- Welcome to Hell by Realboy

3. Realboy- Chop Genre
 Chop Genre by Realboy

4. Realboy- The Ritz
 The Ritz by Realboy

5. Realboy- Need Me

6. Realboy- Robo Mouse
 Realboy- Robo Mouse by Realboy

7. Digitalism- Zdarlight (Realboy Remix)

8. Boys Noize & Erol Alkan- Lemonade (Realboy Remix)

9. Aphex Twin- Avril 14th (Realboy Remix)
 Aphex Twin- Avril 14 (Realboy Remix) by Realboy


Friday, October 8, 2010

Realboy ft. Andrew Peterson- Welcome to Hell

"This new one by Realboy is one of the darkest I’ve heard in a long time. And with a nice 40 second intro, it makes this track the perfect set starter."  -Chemical Jump
"Their newest song erupts today and is sure to be flowing onto dance floors everywhere this Halloween season, all the while… melting the faces of those who get in the way.  This is Psycho Horror! Keep an eye on these two, they’re up to nothing but good."  -Confetti Disco

"Now this DJ duo is back with track “Welcome To Hell”, with Andrew Peterson. I’m going to warn you, this track is very hard. Like hard. As Hell. Give it a listen, love it, download, share and spread the love."   -NVRMNDclothing

You heard it from them, this new track's a killer. Check it out now on soundcloud, and download it from the player! We make sure to always have our tracks available in 320 for our listeners. 

But.. do you really want to try out some of this.. psycho-type horror?
Alright, here's some of the sickest:

Monday, October 4, 2010


These two LA DJs are known for bringing down the house, and they’ve got a show coming up October 15 at the Russian Center called “Recess”, so if you’re in the bay area be sure to check it out. Everyone here at NVRMND is familiar with these two guys work. We’ve watched them progress artistically and as party animals, and it brings us great pleasure to present you with their first mix for NVRMND. Be sure to check Realboy out on Facebook and on Myspace. They also have a pretty legit website: www.realboymusic.com

That's right, we did a promotional mix for the mastermind behind the NVRMND clothing line. Download it here, listen and enjoy. We chose to sneak in one of our soon-to-be released tracks, so keep an ear out for it. It's titled Realboy ft. Andrew Peterson- Welcome to Hell.
Check it out:

1. Soulwax- E-Talking (Realboy's NVRMND edit)
2. Paul Chambers- Yeah, Techno! (Soulwax Remix)
3. Fukk Offf- Rock, Paper, Scissors
4. AC Slater- BanGer
5. Boys Noize & Erol Alkan- Lemonade (Realboy Remix)
6. Puzique- Don't Go
7. Alex Gopher- Handguns (Dada Life Remix)
8. Nadastrom- Save Us
9. Realboy ft. Andrew Peterson- Welcome to Hell
10. Realboy- Robo Mouse

Happy listening,

P.S. They had one of their writers come do an interview of us, and we had a lot of fun with it. (We ended up recording the whole thing on one of our mics, the original interview is much longer and MUCH less on topic) 
Check it out:

-owkAlright guys, tell me something about the group. How long has realboy been around for? 
-Austin: Well it started as about five us in highschool and we were all really into art, street art specifically. A few of us would make stencils or make gaffitti art. We wanted to be just five of us under one name, we thought it would make it so much easier. But then we all moved away from each other, and it was just me and Daniel hanging out all the time. We started really getting into music, started playing around with it, learning the programs, our synthesis theory, and our music theory. That was back in summer 2007 when we really started getting serious about music. Since then we’ve just been writing a ton of music, most of which isn’t released to the public. Daniel, how many unreleased songs do we have?

-Daniel: Turns to Austin: Well, I don’t know (laughs). How many do we have?
-Austin: (laughs) We have a ton, at least two or three albums worth.

-owk: Well, I know this is a standard question, but currently who are your biggest artistic influences?
-Daniel: Hmm. Surkin, Para One, Tiga, and A-Trak. A-Trak gets a lot of respect from me, he’s the man. I know I must be missing a huge on- Oh! Soulwax, that’s got to be my number one… who am I missing… um… Crookers…. Pretty Lights. Ummm, that’s it.

-Austin: I’m gonna say, you know, Boyz Noize, Soulwax, Daft Punk- Daniel: Oh! I forgot Daft Punk. Austin: Aphex Twin, Mr. Oizo, DIM, Busy P, Reset, Justice, and SebastiAN.
-Daniel: But there are always more artists that we find inspiring to us. We can’t always remember them on the spot, but there are plenty more.

-owkDoes being in the spotlight as DJs help you with getting girls? Be honest now.
(after a long pause and plenty of blushing)
-Austin: …I’m gonna go with yes.
-Daniel: Yea, yea.
-Austin: (laughing) It’s just… it’s… you can’t put this down in the interview, but sometimes it makes it so easy that you just want to go home, when you know you’ve won before the game has even started. Once you get on those decks it’s just ridiculous.
-Daniel: Pretty much. Well, like, most of the time yea. I can’t say that I haven’t used it.
-Austin: You can’t put this in there, dude. I will hate you.
-Daniel: You can’t say you haven’t used it either, Austin.
-Austin: Well, yea. I’m not.

-owkOkay, when do you guys get most of your work done?
-Daniel: Oh, late in the night.

-Austin: Yea, very very late in the night. For example, last night I worked until six in the morning finishing up some stuff. That’s when we’re the most productive. There’s no one awake to distract you, you can get a solid 5 hours straight without being bothered, it’s great. A whole song can get completely re-worked and polished in those hours.

-owk: You’ve known the guys over at your label “Our House Records” since early high school. Have you noticed any trouble working with your close friends?
-Daniel: No, I mean, we disagree a lot on things but we always find ways to get past it. We know that they always have the best intentions for us, and it’s really great knowing that we can trust them to make this happen. They know the music business inside and out, and they make it really easy on us so we don’t have to worry about the business side of things. We spend all of our time writing and playing, and the guys at the label help us with everything else.

-Austin: I definitely agree.

-owkSo what do you guys think about the brand NVRMND? 
-Austin: Well I think it’s fucking awesome. I mean, I’ve known Andre for a while; I was his first American friend. I lived with him at boarding school and we got really close, really fast. We would sit in our room and he would constantly be designing things and coming up with different ideas, while I spent my time learning about/writing music. We ended up being pretty anti-social that year (Laughing), with so much creativity going on in that room we never felt the need to leave. I always loved being the first to see his artwork, and see the process in the creation of it. Andre has truly got some real natural talent, and I love that he’s going to be making it so public now on his clothing line.
-Daniel: Like everyone else I have only seen the sneak peaks of the clothing, but I’ve seen his art, and everything he does is fucking dope, so I know it’s gonna be good.
-Austin: I can’t wait to see what he’s done for the Realboy shirt that’s coming out, we haven’t seen it yet.

-owkAre you guys stoked on the upcoming season?
-Austin: Oh yea!

-Daniel: Yea, I can’t wait. we’re definitely gonna rep them every show.
-owk: Well, thanks guys. 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Realboy- Robo Mouse

We started the original version of this song over a year ago, and after many months of perfecting and changing and re-mixing ourselves time after time, this is what came out polished on the other side. We really like this track, we hope you do too. Feel free to download it from the player, it's in 320.

 Realboy- Robo Mouse by Realboy

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Chordettes- Mr. Sandman (Realboy Remix)

Our Remix of The Chordettes- Mr. Sandman. Not much else to say, this son of a bitch took us three months to finally complete. Leave us some comments and tell us what you think! Subscribe, download, send to friends, it's free so that you can help make us known. 
Happy Listening,

 The Chordettes- Mr. Sandman (Realboy Remix) by Realboy 
External Download Link: The Chordettes- Mr. Sandman (Realboy Remix)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


This was our set for the event "Glam" in San Francisco, check it out, leave us some comments. We played with MyKill, Switchblade, Party Ben, Volt!, and Andy P. Everyone had a great night.

 Glam Set by Realboy

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?3ni3189ix5xk417

Friday, July 2, 2010

Realboy- The Ritz

The Ritz was probably the very first track we made that we were actually proud of. Going back and listening, we decided that it was time to do a complete re-haul of the song, due to how much we've progressed since then. It turned out pretty great we think, and it usually gets just about everyone dancing. Took us fucking forever to finish the mastering on it, there were a lot of disagreements with how this song should sound. but finally we've come to an agreement and have both decided that it's perfect. Take a listen, download it, tell us what you think. 

Soundcloud:   The Ritz by Realboy