Thursday, November 12, 2009

A few of our many recent works:
Realboy- The Ritz (Club Mix)
The Ritz is a jazzy, swingy type song with a strong electronic dance feel to it. Swing/Electro: what better genres to get down to?

Realboy- Gregorian (Original Mix)
Gregorian is a mix of old Gregorian-type chanting mixed in with modern electro. This song is very hard, and very good.

Realboy- Need Me (Original Mix)
Every once in awhile Realboy gets emotional, and needs a soft funk song. 'Nuff said.

Holy City Horror- Welcome to Hell (Realboy Remix)
Welcome to Hell is a remix we did around Halloween time, in the spirit of Halloween. Special thanks to Andrew Peterson for having us do a remix for his group.

Phoenix- Lisztomania (Realboy Remix)
Phoenix has probably never heard this remix before. Bootlegged remix without permission, hope they don't mind. Beautiful song.

Realboy- Thuggin (Original Mix)
Realboy's first real banger track. Biggie smalls probably never thought he would be getting into any electro tracks. R.I.P.

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