Sunday, April 11, 2010

Realboy- Steppin'

Alright guys, we don't usually produce, or even listen to dubstep too often. We don't like it. We figured if we love electro and are not too into dubstep, then making dubstep would be interesting. It would still sound somewhat like dubstep, but with more of an electro feel. We felt like there are a lot of people, like us, who dont like dubstep. We've got a feeling they'll like this one. 

Dubstep, electro, wobble, whatever you want to call it. Take a listen, download it, send it to your friends, DJ it. Let us know what you think with some comments


P.S. Let us know when you post this on your blogs! We keep coming up on blog posts randomly and would love to see all of them

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