Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Chordettes- Mr. Sandman (Realboy Remix)

Our Remix of The Chordettes- Mr. Sandman. Not much else to say, this son of a bitch took us three months to finally complete. Leave us some comments and tell us what you think! Subscribe, download, send to friends, it's free so that you can help make us known. 
Happy Listening,

 The Chordettes- Mr. Sandman (Realboy Remix) by Realboy 
External Download Link: The Chordettes- Mr. Sandman (Realboy Remix)


  1. Ha ha ha ha)))
    What cheerful track! Truth under it will be enough difficult to dance to crowd, frequent change of a tonality and constant repetitions... Well it is fine! It is pleasant to me! Thanks guys!

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