Friday, October 8, 2010

Realboy ft. Andrew Peterson- Welcome to Hell

"This new one by Realboy is one of the darkest I’ve heard in a long time. And with a nice 40 second intro, it makes this track the perfect set starter."  -Chemical Jump
"Their newest song erupts today and is sure to be flowing onto dance floors everywhere this Halloween season, all the while… melting the faces of those who get in the way.  This is Psycho Horror! Keep an eye on these two, they’re up to nothing but good."  -Confetti Disco

"Now this DJ duo is back with track “Welcome To Hell”, with Andrew Peterson. I’m going to warn you, this track is very hard. Like hard. As Hell. Give it a listen, love it, download, share and spread the love."   -NVRMNDclothing

You heard it from them, this new track's a killer. Check it out now on soundcloud, and download it from the player! We make sure to always have our tracks available in 320 for our listeners. 

But.. do you really want to try out some of this.. psycho-type horror?
Alright, here's some of the sickest:

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