Friday, December 25, 2009

Crookers ft. Soulwax & Mixhell- We Love Animals (Realboy Remix)

The first time we heard this song we thought- well shit dude. That rocked. Hard. But it would be a hassle to mix with, we're gonna have to find a few specific songs that fit well and remember what to do (which is annoying, we usually don't plan anything when we DJ and just do what we think works best with the crowd that moment). So we thought for awhile to do a DJ edit of it, just to make it a bit more mix-able.

A week or two later, we finally started working on it after getting done with Realboy- Chop Genre. But this simple "DJ Edit" quickly turned into a full-on remix as we really started messing with the original. So heres what came from our little idea for this song, we really love it :)

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  1. got a cd from one of you at hard but it didn't work. luckily you wrote some links on there. this mix is shibby

  2. ah bummer, im sorry dude. thanks for downloading though hah, and im glad you like. hit us up if youve ever got remix ideas or anything, we love a challenge


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